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        We believe in the power of music. Music creates social cohesion, it speaks to all when words can fail, and wherever you go in the world, it is understood. Music is a universal gift and its power to connect people is without question. It is an art form with human interaction at its centre and we are proud to be part of the ever expanding music community. 

Its 2023 and  we're rolling in to the year with Joe Ayala's first Video of the year and we look forward to putting out a few more songs on One Mind Music this Year. I'm making studio upgrades this as usual, keeping the studio state of the art but always keeping to my integration of Analog and Digital equipment 

I hope everyone has a Happy and healthy 2023. and don't hesitate to write me for your production, mixing, mastering and/or general audio needs at onemindmusicnyc@gmail.com.  I have block, per song and hourly rates .  Pay Pal and Venmo accepted      Thanks   John Campos 


John Campos. Label Exec/Producer/Engineer/Musician 

Member of the Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. AES and SPARS. Grammy Nominating and Voting Producer/Engineer. Have over 150 songs and album credits listed on major music retail outlets in the categories of Producer, Engineer, Songwriter, Guitarist.  Have had entrees  on the Grammy Ballot three successive years in a row including the 2020 62nd Annual Grammy Awards.  One Mind Music is expanding it's scope of services to include Music Distribution, Publishing, Songwriting, Artist Development, Music Consulting.  

I provide a full range of audio services to Artists, Labels and Brands including: Music Production, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Vocal Production, Editing, Arrangement  as well as session services on Guitars (acoustic and electric, rhythm and lead) bass, Keys, Drums, Mandolin. I've been professionally working in music for for over 20 years. Through my many years of experience I've had the pleasure of working with a diverse clientele across all genres of music and have crafted a unique set of skills to enhance any production or recording. I have had several clients make it onto the Grammy Ballot. 

Whether you are looking to create an original track, or mix or master an existing one. I can help you bring your music to life and help you to complete in an ever challenging field.
I take a unique approach to each individual project and try to maximize the potential of each project I work on. 

I'm able to work through drop box and email  for file transfers and accept PayPal and Venmo  payments 


Contact  onemindmusicnyc@gmail.com



Music Production

Recording  (Pro Tools, Logic, Tape)



Vocal Production  (Expert at Melodyne for seamless natural in tune vocals) 

Musician Services  (Guitar : Electric and Acoustic, Bass, Keys, Drums Programming) 



My rates are flexible depending on the size and complexity of your specific project. 

Production Rates available only through consultation: onemindmusicnyc@gmail.com

Please write me at  onemindmusicnyc@gmail.com for more information about your specific

needs and pricing.

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